I'm totally addicted to reading blogs and watching vlogs to see new products others are trying. I get so excited when companies bring new ranges out, I always want them all. I know we haven't got endless pots of gold so I thought it would be cool to share my thoughts on the products I've seen beauty blogger/ vloggers try. I wanted to share my favourites and give my opinion on them. Just a disclaimer, I am no make up professional I just love trying new things. The 5 things I am going to shout out are products I have been loving and would definitely buy again and again.

Bottom Lash Mascara- Clinique

This product is a little on the pricey side for the size. I let out a gasp when the sales assistant told me the price when I saw the size of it, but I thought I'd see what all the fuss was about. Tried and tested this product is so worth investing £14 in. I've tried loads of mascara on my bottom lashes in the past and most would just give me black circles and lots of fall down under my eyes. I never bothered putting anything on my bottom lashes as I just couldn't find a product which worked for me. It was only after having my eye lashes tinted in the summer I realised what a difference having dark lashes made to the appearance of my eyes, hence why I went on a hunt for this. This Clinique mascara stays put even if you get caught in the wind or are crying laughing with your girlfriends you'll still be looking glam. The tiny brush means it's super easy even for me to apply it onto my lashes.

Since using the product my lashes seem fuller and longer too so that's an added bonus. 

You can get this product here.

Colour Chameleon eye shadow pencil - Charlotte Tilbury.

Charlotte Tilbury has brought out a range of eye shadow pencils to enhance all different eye colours, genius. They have a soft creamy formula so are super easy to apply. I have green/hazel eyes so I chose the shade Bronzed garnet however they do have many shades for all eye colours. I have tried pencil type shadows sticks before and I've never got on with them, they've been too hard on the eye, and I've found them very uncomfortable to apply. I have a hooded eye so usually product just gathers in the creases after a few hours of wear. When I saw this product being tried I was really interested in the way it could be blended into a smokey eye. That's exactly what I did and I couldn't believe how green it made my eyes, it was SOooo amazing. The product lasted all day with no creasing at all, I loved that I could wear it under my eye also without it closing them up to much. The pencil contains a shimmer so you can add as much as you like and it can take you from day to night which I also love.

I will definitely be re purchasing this and I highly recommend you take a look. I can't wait to try more of the products.

 Click here to purchase

Naked Smoky  - Urban Decay 

So I own four Urban Decay naked palette's, 1,2,3,and smoky, so it's safe to say I am a massive fan of Urban Decay. The eye shadows are so pigmented and do really stay put and are super long lasting. I love the first palette so much, when the 'smoky' one was released I saw lots of beauty vlogger's featuring it in videos and trying it out. After watching some tutorials I knew I needed it. Shortly after it came out I actually had it for my birthday which I was SOoo happy with. This retails at £38.50 which is on the priceier end but with all the naked palettes they do really last a long time, so that makes it a great investment, or a great excuse. At first glance like everyone has said the packaging is amazing, totally the best yet, and is great if you travel a lot as it has a hard case. I'm just in love with the marble effect. If I'm being honest the shades in the palette are quite vast and I find that usually I use this along with my other naked shades from other palette's to achieve my normal everyday brown smokey eye. Unlike other naked palettes (2&3) you can achieve more of a silver/black dark smoky eye with this one so it's great for the christmas party season. If I needed to and it was the only of the four palette's I could create a more subtle brown smokey eye too. I love that this palette gives you more choice with different types of looks, even though day to day I usually lean on the brown/gold side with my colouring, at times I like to mix it up a bit especially for NIGHT on the town.

Click to buy here.

​Mary-Lou Manizer - The Balm Cosmetics.

So the next thing is a really recent purchase and it has been totally off my radar until now. I've tried a few highlighters but this one from The Balm Cosmetics is great for me, as I'm fair. It's called Mary-Lou Manizer and again I'm a sucker for some cute packaging. This cost £17.50, even though it's pricey for drug store the product looks and feels premium, the mirror inside is really nice too. The pigment and shimmer on this highlight is beautiful and it's so easy to see where it's been applied. On early, dark mornings this is a massive help for me. So for the price, this product is amazing. I will totally be using this everyday to give me a winter glow and can't wait to test it out come summer.

Nothing much else to say but I LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Check it out here.

​Real Technique Make Up Brushes.

Last but not least, The Real Techniques brushes. These are designed by make up artists Sam and Nic from the YouTube channel Pixiwoo. (Will link below) Check them out they're great, the remind me of my big sister when she used to teach me how to wear make up. I always knew these brushes would be good as Sam and Nic clearly know their stuff and are both great make-up artists. Firstly I bought the Expert Face Brush which I loved so I then invested in another set which included a Buffing Brush, which is great after I've applied my foundation just to give me an air brushed finish. The Contour Brush is just the right size for me to contour my cheeks and it's super soft. The Detailing Brush I use for my eyes to do eye liner and when I apply shimmer. Lastly the Pointed Foundation Brush which I use for setting my under eyes with powder. (probably not that it's meant for that, but I find it works wonders.)

All in all I am so happy with these brushes and will be heading back to super drug to buy some more very soon.

Click to check out Pixiwoo. 

Click to see these brushes.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check this out. See you all soon N x

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