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I have very sensitive dry skin, I have always struggled with my skin all my life so I have to be really careful with the skin care and moisturisers that I use. I thought I'd give some samples of Dermalogica products, a try as they're especially formulated for sensitive skin. I picked up these in my local beauty salon - Pure Indulgence. The girls there are super helpful, and fully trained by Dermalogica so could give me some great pointers. I wanted to share my thoughts on these products after I tested them out over a course of a few weeks. I started my skin care routine with the Pre Cleanse, this was step 1 and this was one of my favorite products, the product is an oil consistency and feels so soft on the skin. Simply pour the oil into your hand and rub over your face and eyes in circular motions. This product cuts through even waterproof make up too. It simply melts it away and leaves your skin feeling so soft.

Once my make up had been removed I then applied the Ultra Calming Cleanser. This product can be applied to dry or wet face, I chose a dry face and massaged it in to my skin, after a few minutes rinse with warm water or a nice warm face cloth. This was really nice because usually I would just skip this step and go straight to moisturising.

Next I spritz the Ultra Calming Mist over my face and allowed to sink in for half hour whilst making a cup of tea.

For the next step I applied Ultra Calming Serum concentrate, let that sink in this totally restores all the skins barriers. I found this kept my skin so much smoother and clearer.

Lastly to finish off before going to bed I added the Barrier Repair, this stuff is amazing, it's a velvety moisturiser that melts into your face. This took away any stress and dryness from my T-zone. I suffer with redness across my cheeks too, so they gave me the Dermalogica Redness Relief formula, which is a green cream. This really does work, it takes any redness out of the skin and is great to apply a little while before moisturiser and make up giving my skin and even base ready for my make-up.

I am so happy I've found a product that can target the red zones on my face.Personally for myself I'm pretty bad at doing all these steps daily, I would choose to do this once a week and follow all the steps as I can see it totally makes a difference. However the products I'd choose to use daily would be the Pre Cleanse the Ultra Calming Mist and the Barrier Repair especially in the winter when my skin is so much dryer.

Thanks for reading. N x

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