The Clothes Show Live.

So this year my sister in-law Sam and myself turned the big 30. It scared her more than me so when my eldest brother asked what we wanted, I decided it would be a good idea to get tickets for a day out somewhere. I'd spoken to people who'd gone to the clothes show Live last year and after seeing an advert on telly I decided this would be the thing. I looked online and booked tickets for £27 which I thought was really good value. The venue was the Birmingham NEC so it only took around 2 hours to get there.

When we arrived, I couldn't believe how big it was. There was so much to look at and I saw a few celebs too. For anyone reading, who hasn't been before, its a showcase exhibition for beauty and fashion. If I'd known how much would be on sale I would have taken so much more money. I thought I’d share the things I bought and the few decent snaps I managed to take of the show.

The first shop we went in was Paul's Boutique. I couldn't believe how reasonable the bags and purse's were. I haven’t seen Paul’s Boutique being sold anywhere for years. The last time I saw them was many years ago. They sold them in Superdry. I'd never owned anything from them before as they were always too garish for my liking with pompom’s - which don’t get me wrong, look great on people but wasn’t my taste. We saw so many nice bags in many lovely colours, I could have bought multiple things. We both fell in love with a black backpack, after trying them we decided we would have one each for £30. This was too much of a good deal to walk away, what a great start! It's a very realistic synthetic leather bag (obviously for the price) its super easy to wear and its a great size too. I've used this everyday since, it’s great for chucking on when your shopping and rushing to work. I feel it's more of a mature style backpack too as opposed to others that I've tried. I’ve always felt they make me look and feel like a teen, so I’m super happy with this purchase.

They had so many makeup stalls with great deals such as 5 items for £10. I could have bought loads but I was really good and resisted with it being so close to Christmas. I did feel I needed some new make up brushes though, so I browsed around the brush stalls.

I stumbled upon a brand called ’Nanshy’. This brand is 100% Vegan and Animal cruelty free. The brushes are not cheap - around £5 each, but the quality is great, and I would definitely buy more now I've tried them. They are super soft for blending and they don’t go hard after washing like cheaper brushes. If you have sensitive skin like me I would highly recommend them. I love the look of them too, simple but premium looking.

Click to check them out. 

Models Own had a great deal, you bought 4 nail varnishes for £10 and got a free goody bag. Everyone seemed to be waking around with a Models Own bag, I understood why after visiting them. I got 4 nail Varnishes one dark red, two glittery ones and a nude shade. The goody bag was packed full of goodies! I had a further two nail varnishes, a brown eye pencil, a gold cream eye shadow (which I’ve been wearing on my brow bone every day) a green pencil, makeup bag and some nail art pens. I’ve never tried models own products before but the staying power of the varnish is pretty good, so I will probably buy some more as they have a store in Cardiff.

The Bomb Cosmetics.

My mum loves different flavour soaps, I was more of a shower gel big lather kinda girls before trying these. I smelt The Bomb Cosmetic stall before I saw it. Oh my! It smelt good! Five soaps for £10 again - I thought was a good deal. So I parted with more cash and chose 5 to take back for my mum. I chose more of the citrus and sweet smells, but there were so many to choose from.

Check them out! The designs are incredible. Click to check out the website

To make my day before going in to see the fashion show, I popped into the In The Style shop and spotted Binky from MIC, promoting her clothing range. I had to ask for a picture. Not the best pic of me but I was so happy she agreed to a picture. Thank you Binky…

The Fashion Show.

This lasted about 45 mins I would say, to be fair to the organisers it took no time at all the get in and out and to find the seats. We went in to the 1.45pm showing and the show did not disappoint. Obviously I had no clue what to expect so I just sat back and enjoyed. It started by Mark Hayes showcasing the autumn winter 2016 trends. Winter Florals, Gothic glamour, were some of the many trends featured. The styling of the models looked fantastic and they featured lots of high street brands like boohoo, Miss Selfridge, and Topshop, which was really cool. I wanted so many of the clothes and had some great ideas for stuff to go and buy for Christmas. The second half of the show was showcasing lots of runway looks. The music also amazing featuring music by, The Weekend, Justin Bieber, and Emeli Sande, all my fave artists so I thoroughly enjoyed this show. So for £27 all in all was totally worth going.

Next year the show will have a new home and be held in Liverpool next July, go online and grab some tickets. Make a weekend of it with your girlfriends. I’ve never been to Liverpool but I have heard its a great city and is amazing to go for shopping, so am defiantly clearing my diary.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading.

Until next time thank you. N xx

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