I wanted to share my December faves. I can see this post is already going to be pretty long. There has been a lot I’ve been loving over the last month. I find it really hard to Christmas shop and not buy stuff for myself. Does anyone else find that?

This is not a sponsored post and some of the items were Christmas gifts.

Light Boxes.

Starting with light boxes. These have been everywhere over the last few months. I was thinking of getting one and didn't ever get around to it. Lucky I didn’t buy one as my brother and sister got me one for Christmas. I have one next to my bed (currently reading LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH) along with my light up wooden ’N’. The other box is on my desk, (reading @NEZZYCOX) I love them and I like that I have the option to change the messages read on them depending on the time of year too.

Soap&Glory Gift Set.

I received the Soap&Glory gift set off the other half as part of my Christmas gift. He knows I use the face soap and the Hand Food religiously so when we spotted this gift reduced from £60-£30 in Boots we got it. I thought it was really good value for money as all the items were full size. The set included:

The Righteous Butter- with softening Shea Butter and Aloe Vera.

I love body butters all year round. I have tried many and always have one on the go. I love the scent of this one and it does really leave your skin feeling soft without being too sticky.

Hand Food- with Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil and Marshmallow.

I always carry one of these in my handbag, my hands and fingers get so dry in the winter especially when I’m working. I always massage my hands using this after I’ve painted my nails.

The Scrub of your life. - The Ultimate Super-Smoothing Body Buffer.

This is great on the dreaded winter skin, I have been using this in the shower and its made the skin on my upper arms much softer. Great to use this before applying Tan for a night out too.

Sugar Crush - Energy Boosting Citrus Conditioning Body Wash.

For those early morning showers when your really not feeling it, this body wash is amazing. The citrus smell really gives you an extra boost you need to get going and is a great way to start the day.

Smoothie Star - Deep Moisture Body Milk.(Almond, Cocoa, Yogurt, Oat and Honey)

Face Soap Vitamin C facial wash.

One of my all time favourite face washes, even though this isn’t in my night-time skin care routine, I do use this every morning in the shower to wash my face. I love how fresh this face wash is and I would 100% recommend to anyone with sensitive skin. It’s amazing.

Thick and fast high definition collagen-coat mascara.

Hadn’t tried this before, but I really like it. I has a big fluffy brush for extra definition which is amazing. I have been using this everyday since Christmas and like it very much.

Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss - Rose&Shine

Speed plump All-Day Super Moisture Marvel.

I’m not really that adventurous with moisturisers having really sensitive skin. I tried this before bed and didn't react to it. It made my face lovely and soft. So I plan to add this into my night-time skincare routine.

There was so much in there I loved that's why I wanted to include it all, and couldn't believe I got all that for £30.

Click to check out Soap&Glory

Perfume: Donna by Valentino.

I recently smelt a sample of this perfume in Elle Magazine and loved it. Usually I stay away from pink perfumes as I presume they are really floral, not sure why I must be a little odd. I tried this and loved it, it has a strong scent but isn’t to overpowering. The scent on this perfume really lasts and I can smell it on myself all day, unlike some others I have which wear off quite quickly. I feel this scent is great for nights out or special occasions, so that’s exactly what I’m going to use it for and will definitly invest in more once I've run out.

Ceramic Jewellery Tray.

I don’t really know what to call this really but I love it. My mum bought this from Matalan, I thought it was so cute. Even though I have a jewellery box I get really lazy and like to throw my everyday jewellery on the top of my drawers. This is a great as I can be lazy and leave it out but it still looks tidy at the same time. I love the Gold polka dots and my initial in the middle. I really rate Matalan home wear I think they do some great stuff at such a reasonable price. Click here to check it out. 

Adidas Original T-shirt.

One of my good friends Sam bought me this Adidas Tee for Christmas. She chose the black with a white logo, which I was so happy with. (Think she has a matching one herself) I can't wait to bust this out when the warmer weather comes. For now it looks cool under a bomber jacket plain or patterned. This bomber I got last summer in River Island, love the floral patterns with the monochrome sleeve. I'm sure there are very similar around at the moment in the sales. They sell these Adidas Original Tee's and hoodies in Top Shop, but Sam purchased this from Adidas. Go and check them out. 

Click here to shop Top Shop. 

Click to shop Adidas.

Mac - Eye Shadow.

I wear brown shades on my eyes everyday. I’m always on the look out for new darker brown shades for the crease of my eye. I have quite a hooded eye so like to make the crease stand out. My friend Sam recently gave me this and I’ve used it everyday so thought I should add it to my favourites. The shade I have is Bronze Frost. It’s very compact which I like so you can throw it into your makeup bag. So thank you Sam.

Click to shop Mac products. 

So there we have it, lots and lots of favourites. Really hope you've enjoyed reading.

Have a great week. Love N xx

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