The new year is here and we all need to take time out to unwind. New year new me and all that. I wanted to share my 8 top tips to relax and de-stress. Everybody is different, with different demands on their time, children, full-time work, studying at night, and many of us can’t switch off from work for hours. It pretty easy for me to find time for myself I have no children to take care of yet but everyone has their own stresses. I always try and take 30 minutes out of everyday to find time to de-stress and relax. I usually need this after the commute home in rush hour. I believe it’s so important to do this and encourage others to do the same. We all need to re-charge at times.


The bath is my favourite place apart from my bed. I don’t have a bath every evening, I usually shower as I like to only have a bath when I need to relax, plus my bath takes forever to fill. If you have children I recommend removing any bath toys so you can have total peace. I really love trying out different bath products, and with it being January I have lots of new products from Christmas to try. One of my all time favourites is Radox Stress Relief I really love the scent. I have also been using lots of different bath salts and I have been loving them too. Once I’ve drawn my bath I blow a bath pillow up, (I bought mine from Tiger) so I can lay back and relax. Sometime I’ll watch something on my iPad and other times I like to play some spa relaxing music from YouTube you can also download apps too. So a nice hot bath together with dim light and bubbles is perfect way for me to unwind after a busy day. Post bath there is nothing better than getting some fresh Pj’s on heading downstairs and lighting lots of candles. I really love Vanilla scents, Primark do an amazing ‘Madagascan Vanilla’ candle for £4. I grab a throw so I feel super cozy then usually choose something easy to watch just before bed so it’s then I can unwind quickly.


Again I like to do a mini pamper evening maybe once a fortnight if I get time and I really want to treat myself. I would get home, have some nice food then like I said above take a nice relaxing bath, added with lit candles in the bathroom. Whilst I’m in the bath I use my Soap&Glory body scrub to get rid of any dry skin. Once out the bath I would do my facial skin care routine and moisturise my body using body butter. I really love cocoa butter it reminds me of holidays. Get some comfy pj’s on and a jumper and apply a face mask, I usually go for the Aloe Vera mud masks and this leaves my face feeling fresh. Whilst I’m looking scary in a face mask I remove any nail polish from my hands and feet and shape my nails. Finally after washing off my face mask, I moisturise, paint my nails in my chosen colour, and have a nice cuppa. It feels lovely just investing an hour of time on yourself.


Sleep is so important, I personally can not function without it. I sometimes really struggle to switch off especially if I’ve been busy working late. My few tips on sleeping are: Fresh sheets and plumping my cushions always helps me get a restful sleep. Some people also drink Tea’s to unwind, Camomile is a great one. Once I’ve finished watching YouTube or playing on my phone in bed I turn my phone onto ‘Do Not Disturb’ and plug it in to charge away from my bed. This stops the temptation of just checking Instagram one more time. I don't know about you but I'm up at least once in the night so I also put my mirror light on in the bathroom so when I wake the main light doesn’t wake me up to much, again no phone checking at this point. This used to be a common mistake of mine.


Lots of people have hobbies and finding something you enjoy always helps you take your mind off any stresses you may have. My hobby is colouring and doodling as childish as it sounds I love it and it keeps me busy for hours. I take a line drawing traced from a picture and fill in sections with different patterns. I started doing this around 4 years ago and it really helped me to take my mind off things. My own designs are made up from my own drawings then importing them into illustrator and photoshop to add the colour. If you don't have those programs on your computer you could always just colour them in by hand. I then discovered adult colouring books and realised there were other illustrators out there doing the same thing. I bought a few in 2014 and really liked them as I could sit and colour as I caught up on evening tv. I have a massive collection of these now, and people still buy me colouring pencils, love it. You can also get colouring apps for tablets and phones too, there are so many free ones to choose from. So when your sat on the train or at home in the evening you can colour away easily without any pencils. I also enjoy doing personalised designs for friends and family. Here are a few of my designs.


In my opinion music is the most powerful thing of all, I don't know what I would do without it to be honest. I wish I was musically talented. It can make you feel happy, sad, nostalgic, relaxed, so that’s why I wanted to add this into my top tips. If you’re nervous or stressed about something you have going on, throw some of your favourite up beat songs on. This will put you in a better mood and will give you more confidence in facing what ever stresses face you. If you put on some tranquil relaxing music this is great way for to unwind and remove yourself from reality for a few moments. TopTip I make different types of play lists on my phone, so for any occasion I can choose one. I have a 'Car Tunes' playlist I listen to on the way to work everyday. Seems to work for me.


Now I’m not one for smashing up the gym or going on long walks but it does help a lot of people and I should make more effort. I find gentle exercise better to de-stress me. I am lucky enough to live just out of the city, beside this beautiful river bank, (not great when it floods) but it's perfect to stroll to the village along here. Going on a nice long walk on a clear crisp day really clears my head if I’m feeling a little stressed. I love wrapping up and taking a trip down the beach too.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. This year give a little bit of time to yourself, you totally deserve it.

Much love N xx

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