I've been feeling incredibly pale of late and was looking for a new tanning product. Now I've never been one for religiously fake tanning purely because I don't like the smell of it. I can't even deal with the smell on most gradual moisturisers either (if anyone knows of any please let me know). I usually use the instant make-up tan, as it doesn't smell and I can see where I'm applying it, win win for me. I saw somebody using Skinny Tan on social media so I headed over to the Superdrug site and bought some to try. Unfortunately it doesn't make you skinny! This tanner is packed with natural goodness, is cruelty free, it helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and leaves you with smooth streak free healthy looking skin. I bought three different products as it was 3 for 2 on the Superdrug website when I purchased these. There are several Skinny Tan products available and I wasn't sure what to go for.  I ended up going for the GRADUAL TANNER, 24HOUR BRONZER and the AFTER GLOW GLOSS.


So I've been using this over the last week and I really like it. The tanning product doesn't develop too orange and leaves a lovely natural looking glow to the skin. It doesn't smell after it's developed, but I would recommend to use before going to bed, you can then have a nice shower in the morning to feel funky fresh. It's a fairly thick consistency which makes it really easy to apply and it doesn't take too long to dry either. (No trace of tan on the bed sheets) I used a tanning mit so I got an even finish too. Super happy with this and I'm set to continue using this in the coming weeks.


As I said earlier Im used to using a instant tan make-up. Recently we've had a few milder days, so when I'm wearing loafers or trainers with my jeans rolled up it's perfect for me to pop on my ankles to take that white pasty edge off when I'm in a hurry. Again this goes on easily and isn't too fake  looking, nobody wants tango'd ankles. I found this made my skin feel more hydrated and gave a nice healthy glow to the skin.


 I have been using this After Glow Gloss along side my Gradual Tanner and even though it's not essential it gives the skin a lovely silk finish and prolongs the life of your tan, leaving your skin really soft and supple. This will be great throughout the summer too when looking after a real tan.

Overall I really love this product and have really enjoyed using it. I absolutely love the packaging, it's simple and the pastel shade as pleasing on the eye, and look great in the bathroom. They've made the tubes look a little bit like paint tubes so I really love that touch, it's different and I think that's what makes it stand out from the crowd of tanning products out there. The only thing I would change about this product and other tanning products is that it would be more user friendly if the top was a cap that flips open rather than a cap that screws off.  Just makes it easier when you've got one hand inside a tanning mit. For this product though I can totally work with it, and is worth the investment.


Thanks for reading 🙂

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