I've gone months with a messy wardrobe I couldn't even close it, or put my washing away I was being plain old lazy. It got so bad that I couldn't find where I had put things and it was driving me nuts. So I thought right! I need to sort this out. In November I started a weight loss journey and I've now got back to the weight I want to be and used to be around 3years ago. I didn't do any stupid fad diet I just started eating more healthily. So nearly two stone down I felt I needed a clear out as I was beginning to need to buy smaller clothes again. Before going shopping I decided to have a clear out to see what I had which I hadn't worn for a ages. I now fit back into so many things, which is great on my bank balance​, best thing I ever did. This is a picture of my wardrobe before started. I can't actually believe I am posting this picture, I am very embarrassed, it’s disgusting.

I got inspiration from a book my mum had been reading 'The Life-changing Magic of Tidying' written by Marie Kondo. This has everything from de-cluttering your home (which I also need to do) to how to clear and tidy your wardrobe spaces. 

I was one of those people who held onto things just in case I ever wanted to wear them and usually I didn't get very far in throwing garments away.

This time I decided to take a different approach, I was going to be ruthless and just get rid without questioning every single item. I started by removing everything from my wardrobe, and making different piles. I had a keep pile, a maybe pile that I needed to try on, and a get rid pile. Got in a little bit of a mess but needs must sometimes. This took a few hours but was totally worth it and I found it quite therapeutic. My keep pile consisted of most of the clothes that I've been wearing of late, and all my recent purchases, then I begun to look through my maybe pile, trying on lots of different things. When something doesn’t make you feel good about yourself don’t keep it. It was hard to make decisions on some pieces but I started making piles for friends and family too, so others could get some use out of the stuff that I didn't want anymore.

I owned 11 different colour Blazers which I used to wear with brogues a few winters ago, I haven't worn them for so long and had so many different colours. I said goodbye to most of them as I haven't worn a lot of them for over two years, (mainly as they didn't fit me) they fit again now, I'm just past being too smart all the time. I've kept the staple ones, my recent H&M black blazer, a beige one, pale pink, white, and a tartan one as I thought I could pair them with lots of different things and make some new outfits. Over the last winter I've invested in a few new chunky knits, and jumpers and needed to make space for them. I kept a few existing jumper and four hoodies and the rest have gone to charity. I've kept a lot of my blouses and shirt as I find them really easy to wear in the spring and summer but I did get rid of ones which I haven't worn in a long time and ones that I've never worn as I haven't been 100% of how they looked on me. I have been loving my patterned jackets and bombers recently so kept all those and will be able to wear them when the weather gets better.

When I got to my jeans shelf, oh my god it was disgusting how many pairs of jeans I had accumulated over the years. I tried them all on, got shot of quite a few, gave some to my mum to try as she's always moaning about the fit of her jeans. I was so happy once I'd tried on my jeans as I came across 5 pairs of black jeans which fitted perfectly and 4 pairs of denim, so I'm totally all set for jeans now, I don't need to buy any for a while soooo super happy with that.

Anybody who knows me knows I have lots and lots of shoes and I just keep on buying them. Even though this was hard for me I did it, I cleared loads. I donated two bags full of shoes and boots to charity to be sent to Africa ​via Cash for Clothes and my leather shoes went to be recycled at Clarks Via Shoe Share. Knowing they were going to a good cause made it easier, and what's the point of keeping old shoes when you can buy new right?!

Check out Shoe Share here...

Once I finalised everything I wanted to keep, the plan was to start to organise my wardrobe again. I did it properly. Blocked all my blouses together, my jumpers, all the cami's (again I swear I must have one in every colour) I'm totally all set for summer. My dresses and jackets were blocked in a separate part of my wardrobe too so it looked so much more organised. To make my jeans easier to find I've folded them with the tag showing (like they do in shops) that way I can see what's what without having to rummage like before. Fingers crossed it will stay tidy.

As you can see above I have blocked all similar colours together. Yes I am a fan of Khaki, Pink and Grey.


I have a few longer garments, and as you can see I haven't got the length inside my wardrobe to hang them. I picked up these copper hooks which are usually used on the back of doors, these work perfectly on my wardrobe doors and they still close.  I can now easily hang my longer pieces up.  I also have so many scarfs, I wear one most days between October & April. I bought this accessory hanger too, it's super handy and fits on the rail next to my clothes.

I highly recommend a clear out if you were feeling like me and had zero space for anything new. I feel much better and like I have a new relationship with my clothes meaning I can mix and match things to make new outfits/looks, It's freshened everything up ready for the new season. I donated all my unwanted blazers and jumpers to Cancer Research. The rest of the clothes that my family and friends did not want went to Cash for Clothes. I didn't get much money for them but I knew they were being sent to less fortunate people in Africa, so this made me feel better about getting rid too. Now I can invest in some new pieces come summer and I'll have plenty of space. Winning all round.



Thanks for reading, I hope I have inspired you all to have a spring clear out. Much Love N xx

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