I was off out for a hen night in Cardiff. I couldn't decide what to wear, would it be a dress or jeans and a nice top? Sometimes it's hard to find that 'nice' top. The weather is still pretty cold and I have a 10 minute walk to the train station, so I thought trousers would be a better option. Sorry to sound like a grandma but gone are the days that I go out with a little dress on when it's freezing and raining, though I respect girls that do. I surfed the web and looked at ASOS, BooHoo, New Look, and River Island and after shopping around I found a lovely top and a cracking pair of boots. I was sorted! I actually got most of my outfit from River Island with the exception of my handbag which was from New Look. I purchased my jeans before Christmas however they are still available to buy in store now. I will link everything below so that you can check them out. I wanted to do an outfit photo outside however it was pitch black and raining, not a great combination, so sorry about that guys.

I haven't been out in Cardiff for a few months so I wanted to have something new to wear, just like any other girl right?.

So starting from the top down.

Choker: I love this choker it's super fine and has a beautiful little diamond pendant which is really subtle but pretty, I wear this all the time and picked it up from Accessorize and it's part of the Z range. My top didn’t really need a necklace at all but I just had to wear this. (I forgot to photograph the choker in my outfit pic, but wanted to include, so here's a selfie of my sister and I, on the evening whilst I'm wearing the necklace.) Go check out the Z and sterling silver collection. 

Top: Ruffles are massive this season it seem the more ruffles, the bigger your sleeves are the better. I went for a black cold-shoulder ruffle blouse which I thought was smart, sophisticated and most importantly comfortable (again the grandma in me coming out). This one I got in River Island and they have lots of similar styles. I've noticed some lovely tops like this in Top Shop too.


Coated Black Jeans: The jeans I wore are ‘Molly’ jeans and again I bought these in River Island last December. I felt the wet-look against the chiffon ruffles adds depth, usual smart black jeans with this top would look nice too, I just felt the coated jean gave a dressier edge to the outfit.  


Footwear: I totally didn't intend on buying new shoes at all, but I was shopping and I saw these boots on the way back from the changing rooms. I fell in love with them, and haven't got anything like these. It was one of those meant to be moments for me. I grabbed them and thought the embroidered floral detail would lift my all-black outfit. 


Handbag: I was looking around for an oversized clutch bag in suede, however I sprung upon this shoulder bag from New Look. I bought it because I really liked how it was structured and boxy, it's a great size to fit all my essentials in. I love the gold hardware too. This bag just brought my outfit together beautifully. 


Thanks for reading, N xx

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