In November I started my weight loss journey, I wanted to give myself enough time to lose weight in a healthy gradual way ready for spring as I wasn't feeling comfortable in my clothes. People thought I was mad to change my diet and eat healthy before Christmas, however it was the best decision I made. Christmas came and I'd lost half a stone. Just a quick disclaimer I am not a dietitian but I believe in a healthy balanced diet. I eat all types of food and personally think it's important to add all food groups to your everyday diet. I don't believe in no 'carbs before Marbs' I love potato and pasta too much. After my loss of 2 stone I wanted to share some of the simple things I did to get to my goal.

I would advise that you face the scales, weigh and measure before starting your journey. Take a before picture and keep it to use for motivation. Set realistic goals, my aim was half a stone at a time, an average of 1.5Ibs a week is a healthy weight loss. Remember to look at your weigh loss over a four week period, some weeks will be easier to lose than others. 


Weigh every week not everyday, if you have scales at home try and hide them, it's not great to stand on them everyday. Stick to the same day and the same time every week. This is key to getting a true reading. Get a friend to weigh you so you can't shy away or avoid weighing if you've had a bad week. Remember to write this down, or download an app that will enable you to track it. Always face the scales no matter what the week has thrown at you, be true to yourself.


On Sunday set up your weekly planner.

You can buy a black board or a paper meal planner in various shops. Mine was from New Look. You could simply use a piece of paper if you didn't want to part with money on either, it works the same. This is key for me, I'm one of those people who has to plan out everything. Having this in my kitchen helps me plan my meals and it's easier when shopping too. Less wasted food, and no stress after work about what to cook for tea!

Find out what your weaknesses are, and make those changes first. What are your danger times in a day? Is it lunch time, or is it before bed? Think of healthy snacks that you can have at those times, to keep cravings at bay.


Write down what you eat, and I mean every single thing that passes those lips. Get a diet diary to keep in your bag, or note things down in your phone and fill in later. I like this one from Amazon, It's great as it has so much to fill in. This step is so important for me, it allows me to track how much fruit and veg I'm eating, how much fibre, calcium, protein and carbs I'm having. I also like to note down how much water I'm drinking too. If you have a treat, write it down this is the most important thing. We should all have a varied diet, it's not about depriving yourself. By depriving yourself a change in diet will last about 2 weeks and you'll be back to square one. Have what you like but in moderation and find healthier snacks that will keep your cravings at bay.


Simply switch sugar to sweetener, you can get powder or tablets (handy for your bag).

Switch Oil to Fry Light low calorie spray.(These come in different flavours and the garlic spray is so good too.)

Fizzy drinks to diet alternatives.I still drink diet Coke everyday.

And if you enjoy alcohol, switch wine to spirits.

I have also stopped eating chocolate bars and have found alternatives, like 'Oreo Thins'​ and 'Options Hot Chocolate'

These simple changes will make a difference to how you look and feel.


If you're in work take plenty of snacks to keep you going throughout the day. I tend to make sure I have breakfast, a lunch I have prepared then a couple of snacks for mid morning and late afternoon. I eat an Alpen light bar in the car with a coffee on the way to work, then have breakfast at 8am once I'm at my desk. I find that 10am And 3pm are my danger times, so I plan snacks to have if I need them. Going hungry isn't going to help your weight loss. If you go hungry your blood sugar level may drop and this is when your body craves the sweet naughty things. My tip is to eat something every 2-3 hours and choose healthy snacks, I've never eaten so much as I do now.


Get to know what your body likes. I think it's important to switch things up now and again. Some people eat the same thing for breakfast everyday and it works for them. If it's healthy of course you will lose weight, but if you want to boost weight loss after a few weeks my tip is to mix things up. Try having different foods, it's great for two reasons. Firstly your body gets varied foods, this helps your metabolism. Secondly you won't get bored. Eating the same thing all the time can get very boring very quickly. (well it can for me anyway.)

Here are some pictures of different breakfast dishes I choose. 

Ham and Quorn Omelette with beans.

Weetabix with berries.

Poached egg on toast.


I love Chinese food, and I quite often make a homemade chicken chow mein, and egg fried rice, to be honest I now prefer my version it's so yummy. Chicken curries are easy to make at home too, buy all the fresh herbs and spices and it tastes like the real thing. Really get stuck into new recipes and cook things from scratch. Look online there are loads of recipes then just tailor the ingredients to make it healthier e.g. using Fry Light instead of oil.

This is my home made Chinese. Yummy!!


You could choose to go to a slimming class, there is no shame in this, I do it myself. I've met some of the loveliest, supportive people and made new friends. People think it's scary and that people judge but they definitely don't and everyone is in it together. Alternatively  find a friend who wants to join you on your journey and set up a group chat, sharing ideas of new recipes and share success and downfalls. Be there to support each other.

Hope you've enjoyed reading this. Let me know if you would like me to do more posts like this. N xx


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